What is the difference between getting a restaurant app and mobile website?

Mobile phones are fast becoming a necessity in everyone’s life. Businesses are also realizing the importance of reaching out to customers through their smart phones. Many restaurant owners prefer mobiles website while some other prefer getting an app.

But, what is the difference between both? Is there any variance in benefits if you get a custom mobile app for restaurant instead of website? Following are the differences between both options –

Menu changes – It is important for a restaurant to enhance their menu according to clients’ requirements. It is a complex procedure to change menu on websites. Sometimes, you require an IT professional to make these updates. On the other hand, you can easily change your diner’s menu on mobile app. You just need to go to your admin dashboard and easily make necessary changes in menu. Keep your restaurant’s menu refreshing with new dishes.

Online ordering – Online ordering system is much easier on mobile application compare to website. Customers can easily scroll through your menu and choose the food item they want. It takes only few minutes for them to finalize their order.

Marketing – Marketing through app gives your numerous options to promote your business. You can provide special offers to clients give them discounts and notify them about new changes in menu. It is the new promotion method, which helps you in increasing brand awareness. However, you do not get this opportunity in mobile websites. Clients know your offers only if they visit your online site. You will not get the chance of reaching out to every potential customer.

Notifications for special offers, deals or discounts – In case of websites, customers know new offers, deals, discounts, or coupon codes, only if they open your site. On the other hand, you can easily send notifications regarding new offers to clients on their mobile phones through app. They get notifications or coupon codes and open application to redeem those codes. You can also award your loyal customers with specified discounts. You will not get this opportunity with website. You can easily catch the attention of customers with new offers, discounts, and deals through restaurant app.

Reporting – Applications give you an option to create comprehensive reports about your restaurant’s performance. It includes menu, most or less popular dishes, clients’ preference, sales, revenue etc. You can collect all this data and create performance report of your business. However, you won’t get all this data through site.

You can also guide customers to the nearest venue of your restaurant chain through application based on their location.


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