What is the connection between customer loyalty and restaurant mobile app?

Making new clients is important but maintaining an existing customer base is also an important task. Customer loyalty is the biggest asset that a business requires to become successful in any industry. This rule also applies to the restaurant business. Did you know that loyal consumers are usually 20 percent of your customer base? However, this small portion drives 80% of business’s revenue.
What is the connection between customer loyalty and restaurant mobile appBut, why loyalty is important? Answer is –

Loyal clients come back again and again – Loyal patrons visit restaurant repeatedly. Usually, they are familiar with your cuisines and food style. They know the products you offer, which makes selection easier for them. Their each visit is a new sale, which results into revenue. So, they increase business’s sales and revenue with their constant visits.

They also bring new clients – They also bring new clients with them. They bring their friends, family members, colleague, or other people to your restaurant. They encourage other people to visit your venue.

They promote your restaurant – These customers also promote your business directly or indirectly. They recommend your venue to other people, whenever there is a conversation about food or a certain cuisine. Most loyal clients also like their favorite diner’s Facebook page or follow Twitter account. It increases business’s online presence and SERP ranking.

No need to spend money and efforts on marketing – These clients already trust your restaurant. It means that you do not need to spend extra money and efforts to attract them. It reduces your marketing costs.

Like afore mentioned aspects defined, loyalty is important in business. Do you know that there is 60 to 70% of likelihood of making a sale to an existing customer compare to only 5 to 20% likelihood for a new client.

In today’s technology world, custom mobile app for restaurants also plays an important role in gaining customers’ loyalty. However, how you can gain buyers’ loyalty through custom mobile app? Following are the answers –

Special offers and discounts – You can gain the loyalty of your patrons by offering them new and special offers via mobile app. You can also award your existing clients for their constant visits or purchases with discounts specifically created for them.
Coupons – You can also send coupon codes to consumers via custom restaurant app. Coupons encourage them to purchase more. People like those application where they get frequent coupons that reduces purchase costs.

Use different techniques to make loyal customer via mobile app and see the difference in revenue and sales.


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