Common mistakes to avoid in restaurant app marketing

It is becoming important for restaurants to use new techniques to withstand the tough competition of industry. Getting a customized app is a new method in food industry that owners are using to attract more customers. Many IT companies are developing custom mobile app for restaurant industry.

However, getting a new application for restaurant is not enough. It should be endorsed properly to get desired results. But, there are some common mistakes that you need to avoid in app marketing –

No marketing plan – Not making a marketing plan is the biggest mistake restaurant owners can make. Before launching an application in market, it is necessary to make a proper marketing strategy. A proper plan is needed to promote your application on different platforms. It will gain you desired results and good ROI.

No knowledge about target audience – Another mistake in app marketing is, not gaining knowledge about target audience. Who is your target audience? What type of customers you want to attract? Whom you want to focus on, existing or new customers? All these are important questions in business. Determine your target audience first before taking a step into mobile industry.

Nothing new to offer – Customers may download your restaurant’s application, but then what? What will keep them from deleting your app from their smart phones? For preventing this situation, you need to keep user’s interest ignited. You can get attention of users by offering them new offers and discounts every occasionally via mobile application. It is a good method of promotion as well as to show the worth of your app in client’s mobile.

Not providing full details – Not providing full details of your diner’s menu, offers or payment options can be a mistake. Usually, when users download your application, they expect everything from it. They want to get discounts, place orders, confirm reservations, and pay through their mobile. If your product is not providing these basic features, there are high chances that users will not like it. Even if you are providing a feature like new offers, it is important to provide full information about offers. Provide full details about discounts, their conditions, payments etc.

Not offering free version – This is another big mistake, usually made by restaurant owners. Your mobile application marketing strategy can gain the attention of customer. But most clients will never download it if there is not a free version.

Avoid above-mentioned blunders in your restaurant’s application promotion to make the most of it.


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