What are the main features needed in a restaurant mobile app?

What can make communication with customers easy for restaurant owners? How customers can order food without worrying about payment? Is there a tool which can help restaurant owners in business as well as in marketing? Answer to all above mentioned questions is, mobile applications.

Owners need the help of technology to be successful in today’s food industry. Mobile apps are a part of the latest technology. There are many companies that develop apps for restaurant owners for various platforms such as Android, Blackberry and iOS. However, every application requires some specific features that make it a complete success. Some of these necessary features are:

Push Notifications – Push Notification is a necessary feature of restaurant mobile applications. Push notification help owners in informing users about latest offers, deals, discounts, upcoming events and food specials etc. Special offers for existing customers and discounts for new clients can increase any business’s consumer base. It is also a great way of marketing by using promotional messages. Regular notifications can grab the attention of clients. It can raise brand awareness in market.

Order, reservations and payment – Order and payment option is also an essential feature of mobile application. Order option makes it easy for customers to place their food order just with few clicks. It will leave a great impression if clients are capable of making reservations from apps. Payment option makes it easier for clients to pay their bills, without getting into the mess of cash payments. Both aspects not only make work easier for owners and staff but also make good impression on consumers.

Menu and locations – It may seem obvious, while providing menu is also important in restaurant application. Displaying pictures of food can increase the interest of clients. Providing location information is also essential. One can also get Google Maps for better navigation. GPS directions can be impressing and helpful too.

Customer friendly – Customer friendly is another element that is needed in any mobile apps. It is necessary that users can easily navigate through app. Clients should find it easy to operate application.

Social media – It is an optional feature that can be helpful. If app provides an option, where clients can appreciate food and venue, it will work as a charm on other people. Providing the option of sharing experiences on social media can give an upper hand on competitors.
With all above mentioned features, restaurants can increase customer base and revenue.


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